Author Q & A

Where did the RIP - Synergy story line come from?

Out of nowhere really. Many years ago I had a reading with a lady who used crystals. She told me that I will write a book, and that the book should be about me and my life. She told me that this was not something national, but that she could see people as far away as Australia reading the book. Later I had two or three similar readings with other people. Then I forgot all about it. Many years later, in 2015, I woke up one morning and the story was just there. It was not complete, but I wrote some of my waking ideas down. The strange thing is that every time I opened my laptop the story was there, ready to go. I look at some of the book now and think ‘was that me who wrote that?’

When the story started to unfold I wanted to direct it in a way that the reader would want to return to time and time again, so there are many ideas that are left open, and this is deliberate. I wanted to provide a platform from which the reader could make up their own mind and build their own picture. While it is true that the second and third books of the rip trilogy will move the story forward, sometimes in the most surprising of ways, there is still plenty of scope for the reader to form their own opinions on the content.

You say that RIP - Synergy is based on true events, but at what point does truth stop and fiction take over?
That has to be a matter entirely for the reader to decide. What I can say is that there is a lot of truth in the content and storyline of the book, and leave it at that.

Your ideas about the spirit world might ruffle some feathers, where did you get your ideas from?

I have been aware of my psychic abilities for some time now, but I always left them dormant. But since 2015 I have been using these abilities. I cannot answer your question directly, because I simply do not know where my ideas come from. But it does seem reasonable to believe that a lot of my ideas about the spirit world have actually come through me, rather than been created by me.

The lead character is obviously you, but how did you manage to model the other characters in the book?

Again I will find it hard to provide you with any kind of a definitive answer to your question. The characters just seemed to arrive. There is only one person who I met while writing the book who asked to be included, and I will not tell you which one. And I cannot say that any other character in the book is modelled on anyone I have met throughout my life. What is important, I think, is that the book contains a variety of characters that will behave and react to situations in different ways, it gives the book a bit more colour, I think.

A very close relationship seems to develop between the lead character and Inspector Judy Marchant, where might this go?

Ah well, the obvious answer to that question is for readers to get a hold of the next RIP installment and see for themselves.

You made it very clear in your first book that RIP will be a Trilogy of books, why did you decide to do this?

It was the subject matter really. I thought that there were a number of avenues that could be explored, a number of different sides from which these events could be viewed. In this respect lumping everything into one book would have made it too bulky and too confusing for readers. There is a lot to digest already in RIP – Synergy, without me adding any more. But you can rest assured that the next two installments will offer plenty of variations, and more than one or two surprises.

What is next for you?

RIP – Crimson will be the second installment of the RIP trilogy. I have finished that, but we need to go through the editing stages, cleaning the book up, and designing a cover. I was told by a few people that they found the front cover of RIP – Synergy to be a bit disturbing, but I don’t think that is such a bad thing. I am currently working on the last book in the RIP series. Both the second and the third books are very different than RIP – Synergy, and take the reader in many surprising directions. After the RIP series has been completed I do have in mind further writing projects. I will be regularly updating this website, so it will be a case of waiting patiently and watching this space.