About Len E Hooke

Firstly, I should start by explaining that I chose to write the RIP trilogy under an alias because some of the books contents might be considered contentious. But it is this very same aspect that I think is deserving of a book. In RIP – Synergy I say that there are more than 7 billion Gods. I would like to bring a bit of clarity to this statement. It may be more accurate for me to say there are 7 billion versions of God. The one that I identify most closely with, can only be my version. If I have offended anyone in anything I have written, then I am truly sorry. This was never my intention.

Pretty much all you need to know about my childhood is included in the first few chapters of RIP – Synergy, that was all real, it was true. I was born 7 December 1963 at 7am in the morning. I have two siblings, my brother who was five years older than me and my sister who is a little over a year my senior.

I remember starting to withdraw more and more into my own world from an early age. My mum asserts that I changed after I became an insulin-dependant diabetic at 7 years of age. But maybe it was more that I decided life was just so much more interesting inside my bubble than out of it. I had a large collection of toy cars. I used to push them slowly, one after the other, in makeshift traffic jams for hours on end. Any piece of carpet or rug formed great clogged up highways in their patterned surfaces. At this time I had no other home interests.

At school I excelled in many subjects, but mostly in english and mathematics. Despite regular absences through hospitalisation, at 11 years of age I was the only child in my school to gain an A+ mark in my 11 plus exam. At that time the examination was supposed to divide children up by their ability and decide where they should continue their education. Unfortunately, it was then that the Government decided to shift higher achieving children into comprehensive schools whose intake was decided not by ability, but by locality.

The bullying I suffered was real and extremely hurtful, but I do not want to go into this in detail here. Suffice to say that it lasted from the age of 6 up until I was 22 years old, and only stopped because I moved away from an area where the bullying was constant. At the time I put the blame squarely on my mother’s shoulders for how she made me dress and how she cut my hair, and while I have no doubt these were contributory factors, my situation was not helped by my chosen isolation from the rest of the world.

I started work at 16 years of age, and the bullying continued there. At this time I had no way of knowing what damage might have been caused by my heart stopping two years earlier. My schooling suffered, and I ended up scraping only 3 ‘O’ level passes when much more might have been expected of me from the earlier academic promise I had shown. Looking back now, I have no doubt that my inability to learn and to focus played a major part in my struggling to perform my duties to the satisfaction of my boss. I stayed there 5 years nonetheless.

In 1986 I started work in the civil service. I met many good people, I also met many lazy people. As in everything I did, I gave of my best. I managed to get promoted on three occasions and somehow managed to overcome my enforced weaknesses, that is until 2004, when all of my faults were laid bare in a yearly progress review. I left in August of that year on sick leave, and I never returned.

From 1984 onwards I had a number of psychic readings. On reflection, most of the revelations have come true, even if the delay in their occurrence was considerable. I filled a lot of my time by reading spiritual and self-help books. I started testing what I was being told and, much to my surprise, I found that a God did exist and that It played a crucial role in my life. Here, I should say that I can make this statement only after intensive study and meditation, only after challenging God and the spirit world for proof of a life beyond this life. I cannot possibly make any kind of a promise to every reader that you will receive the same proof as I did, all I can do is to record what happened to me in the best way I know how.

My time in The Gambia is noted in some depth in RIP – Synergy, and yes, it was as bad as in the book, in fact it was far worse. I returned to the United Kingdom in May 2011, sick enough to make it difficult for me to stand or do too much of anything, it had got to the point that I was unable to control my bladder. I had a number of tests but the cause remained unknown. I guess that stress might really be an unknown killer. I gradually recovered and was able to bring my wife and my son to the United Kingdom to live with me.

I have been divorced twice and have three children. Two of my children were the subject of many battles with their mothers, but only for the sake of protecting the kids and their relationship with their father. This is something I have not written about. There are some personal issues in our lives that I believe should remain sacred.

Since I was 10 years old I had always wanted to write a book. Ever since reading those first collections of horror stories on that family holiday to the cottage in Somerset. I wrote my first novel in 1985, it was called ‘The Descent’ but it was never published. All traces of its existence are now lost. I had to wait more than 40 years for the right story to come to me, and it did upon waking one morning early in 2015. It had taken this long for my life experiences and my mindset to catch up with my desire to write.

There is one last thing I feel I should say. I refer to God throughout RIP – Synergy as It, but this is only because I have no idea what God truly is, or what It consists of. Is it energy that can take any form It chooses? Is It a physical entity? Does It have any conceivable mass at all? Can It, and does It, interact with us on a daily basis? I can answer none of these questions because I just do not know how to. Within the pages of RIP – Synergy I have stayed loyal and truthful to the way in which God communicates with me. If I have a question of God, I ask it, if I have a complaint, I voice it, if there is something I need or require, I ask for it.

All I can hope, is that maybe in reading my books I can offer an insight to my relationship with my version of God, and hope that I might, in some small way, encourage you to open your heart to your understanding of God and what It means to you.

Thank you.