RIP - Synergy is based on true events

Uncover the ultimate choice, a choice with life changing consequences for all of humanity


Rip – Synergy is based on true events.

The lead character, an accomplished psychic and hypnotherapist, inadvertently finds himself at the centre of a battle between God and a rogue spiritual entity for leadership of the spirit realm. Is it really as a result of him acquiring strong psychic abilities, or is there some other far more devastating reason for him to become involved?

Through psychic means he links the deaths of two local residents, both of whom passed on at a very young age, to the rogue entity. As the death toll rises, he enlists the help of Inspector Judy Marchant to tackle the elusive killer. Each death is more mysterious than the last, and it soon becomes clear that the truth of the link between the psychic and the entity is more startling than could ever be imagined.

The local coroner is as baffled by the killings as everyone else. Why is everyone who dies under 32 years of age? How is the killer able to take so many lives and leave no external signs of injury? And how might it be possible to track and effectively tackle a foe which is both invisible and undetectable?

As the goal of the entity becomes clear, the psychic must work with spiritual elders to overcome the entity, at any cost. At the same time, he is enticed by the entity to join its rebellion and fight the injustice it says is prevelant in the spirit world. He must make a choice, support God and preserve the status quo, or destroy all of creation.

This story might shock some readers, and intrigue others. In it we travel with the main characters on an intricate journey of spiritual discovery, we ask some of the key questions affecting our human lives and beyond, we discover the origins of God and the truth of how we interact with our spiritual elders. And we uncover the ultimate choice as it is presented to the author, a choice that he knows must have life changing consequences for all of humanity. What choice would you make?